Author Topic: Instructions on How to Make a New Post to this Forum  (Read 8002 times)

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Instructions on How to Make a New Post to this Forum
« on: August 22, 2014, 08:03:28 AM »
Somehow, I figured out how to do this and I'm passing it on to those who haven't.  Personally, I didn't find the "Help" section to be of much help and banged around long enough to figure it out. 

These are the steps to start a "New Topic" instead of replying to a post. Your message (aka "New Topic") will be displayed in the category that you post it to AND it will also display in "Recent Posts".

1. Logon to the board.
2. Find the specific category to which you would like to make a new post...for example, "Alamos Weather".
3. Click on that category, such as "Alamos Weather".
4. Once open, at the top right (above the posts) you will see "New Topic" (along with a couple of other choices) and click on that.
5. The new message utility will open.   

Tip:  If you try to format the text, such as bolding a word, watch out.  It will come up as formatting "code".  If you give it a try and don't want to proceed, just delete the "code".

Hope I explained this correctly and, if it's wrong or incomplete, hoping someone will jump in and provide additional info.

Mary Jo Drake

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Re: Instructions on How to Make a New Post to this Forum
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2014, 09:38:06 AM »
Let me add a couple of things to this post about formatting.

Let's say ya want to bold the word bold in your post.  Once you have written your post go back to the word bold and double click on it so that it's now highlighted.  Once highlighted click on the B button and bold will now show as bold.  Let's say ya want to bold a couple of words that run together such as bold me you would move the cursor to beginning of the two words hold down the mouse button and move across the words and release at the end of the two words.  Release the button to show bold me highlighted and click the B button.  It will look like bold me.

Use the Preview button to show how your post will look when posted.

If you want to check the spelling of a word double click on the word and then right mouse click on the word and you should see spelling choices at the top of the box if it's spelled wrong.  Click on the correct spelling of the word.

Also use the enter key when posting to create spacing of sentences so that a long post does not run on into one paragraph.  It makes reading the post much easier to read.