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Alamos & Hermosillo Water News
« on: July 14, 2014, 04:06:12 PM »
I received an email today from the second highest level Sonoran state official that as of July 15th, tomorrow, the 'aqueducto' which was carrying water from the Rio Yaqui to Hermosillo will be permanently closed and no more water will leave the Cajeme area.  After many years of disputed rights over the water it was settled at the federal level.  Some of you  may have noticed this past winter, the  reservoir at Hermosillo was full for the first time in years.  The really good news is that for those of us who travel Hwy 15 through Vicam we won't have more delays due to protests by the Yaqui.

Locally the  'aqueducto' for Alamos from Mocuzarit reservoir is in the hands of an engineering company with the one hundred million peso project to be completed by year end.  Upstream from Mocuzarit is the 'Las Pilares' dam which is under construction and will be completed in less than two years.  According to Governor Padres, at his appearance in Alamos last month, "Alamos will always have water".  t was good to hear from our Mayor Benjamin Anaya that all funding has been received and must be completed by year end, including the filtration plant and aqueducto to Minas Nuevas, Aduana and Alamos.