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Serena Vista Workshops
« on: January 10, 2014, 09:44:11 AM »
Please join us on Friday and Saturday, January 17 and 18, to participate in the informal opening of Serena Vista Retreat Center. On those two days from 10 am to 5 pm we will be holding a series of 45-minute workshops conducted by some talented local presenters. (See Schedule Below.)  
Serena Vista will be hosting out of town guests of course, but one of its goals is also to create a local learning community. Scientists have found that lifelong learning is a powerful component of  happiness with our daily lives. When we are retired, it becomes even more important to expose our minds to new ideas, to participate in interesting activities, and to reach beyond our comfort zones to share our thinking with others. We are creating a structure here that will enable others to learn from you and for you to learn as well. These short workshops are an introduction to the kinds of activities we can sponsor in later months. We hope you will attend and will give us your feedback to let us know how we can modify and improve such offerings
As soon as the festival is over, we will be starting a weekly program we are calling Tuesdays at Two. We will present afternoon workshops at that time on a variety of topics. We want to hear your thinking and we want you to consider being a presenter.

Please call or email me, Diane Carpenter     428-0227 or Samme Chittum for more information.

Deadline for registration is Noon, Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
To register – e-mail preferably –  or call 428-0633

A fee of 50 pesos includes all of the presentations as well as coffee, tea & cookies. A few classes have some material costs.

10 am – Stephen Foster  Friday & Saturday   Meet on the roof
The Mindfulness of Breathing – a Tibetan Meditation Instruction

11 am – Diane Carpenter  Friday & Saturday  Limit 10 persons  Meet in the Library   I Don’t Know What I Think Until I See What I Write  - an approach to explore new ideas, write creatively, and respond with authority to others’ ideas.

12 am – Silvia Mendoza  Limit 6 persons - Kitchen – extra material fee
Friday - How to Make Flour Tortillas   Saturday - Identify and Use Local Chiles in Salsas
12 am –Beatriz Sak  Friday and Saturday   Limit 8 persons   Meet in the front patio   Creative Improvising  - Embrace the unknown through playful movements and sound.
1 pm – Elena Chavarria & Carlos Valdes   Friday and Saturday  Limit 10 persons   Meet in the Library      
    The Secret Forest – a tale of the special ecology of our area.
2 pm – Penny Dubak      Friday only     Limit 8 persons               Meet in the library      
Coping Skills for Stress Release
2 pm – Maria Irma Barreas   Saturday only   Limit 8 persons – Meet in the Portal    Baile de Cumbia
3 pm – Samme Chittum   Friday & Saturday    Limit 6 persons – Meet in the Library – Bring your own computer with photos.   Facebook Basics – learn how to create, design and manage a page for yourself or a cause.
3 pm – Ann Berkley  Friday only    Limit 5 persons – Meet in the portal  Beading – Make a pair of earrings                          

3 pm – Debbie Bierk  Saturday only  Limit 5 persons – Meet in the portal – material fee,  Knitting – Make a pair of slippers
4 pm – Katherine Callingham  Friday and Saturday             Limit 10 persons – Meet at the pool    Butcher Paper Art  - Las Katrinas                      
4 pm – Rigo  Grajeda   Saturday only    Limit 10 persons – Meet on the roof
Container Gardening Techniques