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contacting INS Guaymas
« on: January 13, 2016, 12:13:16 PM »
I have asked this before but it did not get me anywhere so I thought I would ask again.

I need to talk to somebody at INS, the phone number they show on their website is useless, we have tried numerous times but they never answer.  I was told that Netto had the phone number but I can never seem to find him, he seems like he is always closed.  I have to ask a question so I know what I am applying for, it has to due with my getting married to a national (Rosa) and having an expired FM3.  If I do not qualify for a permanent I have to go back out of Mexico and apply at a Mexican consulate in the US.

All I want is a phone number that you know I can call and talk to somebody.  Please help.

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Re: contacting INS Guaymas
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2016, 01:02:39 PM »
Had an almost ridiculous time contacting them in October this year, so I'll list every number I used.

Ok, these are the numbers they will give you.
(If using a vonage number or calling from the US... you'll need to preface these numbers with +52 1).

622 224 0199
622 224 4519
These are useless. The 2240199 number indeed rings forever and the 2244519 number just tells you to call a 2223457 number.

The actual Guaymas Inmigracion Office number when you need to know the status of your paperwork is:
622 222 3457. Is a better number. But they often hang up while you are talking and don't answer when you call back once they determine you are a foreigner. So, you can end up a little stuck trying to reach the Guaymas folks by telephone.

So, I end up calling Hermosillo 662 236 0698 and they can help. Seems to be the best way. Key piece of information is your NUE (so make sure you write it down before you surrender your card and other paperwork, because it doesn't appear on anything else they give you back, though I believe you could find your NUE if you have a Pieza# and ContreseƱa from a previous process.).

The difficult thing about the Hermosillo numbers (of course there is a difficult part) is the clarity of the line is horrible. You hear echoes of other conversations, static, etc...  You may find it so frustrating, that you'd rather just drive up to Guaymas and find out what you need in person...

When you go in person to the Guaymas office, the most knowledgeable person there is Ana Victoria. Even though she is the youngest and prettiest, don't jump to the conclusion she's not capable. She can speak English but often will not. She will instruct you properly, which reduces the number of times you will need to return to that office.
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